Stonewalling is one of the strongest predictors of divorce. It is similar to contempt in that strong emotions can overwhelm the person, but instead of lashing out the stonewaller withdraws. It can create a chasm between the couple. There is a better way!  

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Contempt is the strongest predictor of divorce and is like sulfuric acid for love and health. It can appear as name calling, mean-spirited sarcasm, and put downs. It can leave resentment as well as hurt and angry feelings in its wake. Couples need to protect their rela...

[Warning some expletives used in this blog]

In the previous blog article, “Let’s Be Friends”, I discussed how important a solid friendship is to relationships and marriage. However, knowing that friendship is important is not enough. We have to know what steps we can ta...

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3 Tips to Eliminate Contempt From Your Relationship

September 21, 2016

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