We got our new post complete for the week - 3 Tips to Eliminate Criticism From Your Relationship. 

In this post you will learn what relationships look like when there is a lot of criticism and what relationships look like with a soft startup instead of criticism. S...

You ever have a heated argument with your spouse and later found yourself regretting something you said or did? Or perhaps you have some lingering hard feelings towards your spouse for some harsh words they said during one of those heated arguments? 

In this episode Ste...

Some days just do not go the way we like. We may wake up feeling sleep deprived. Our inbox is filled with all sorts of requests and crisis we have to manage. As we rush to work, our commute is filled with tension and unexpected delays. We have to deal with difficult co...

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3 Tips to Eliminate Contempt From Your Relationship

September 21, 2016

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