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HCA Couples Counseling Program

Empower Yourself and Transform Your Relationship

HCA Couples Therapy Program

HCA couples Counseling Program is designed to empower couples with the tools, guidance, and support they need to transform their marriage. It includes a five-phase evidence-based counseling process. 


Phase 1: Evaluation and Treatment Plan

We begin with a comprehensive assessment. Based on the findings of this evaluation and your goals we create a custom treatment plan for you.  

Phase 2 - Eliminating Harmful Relationship Patterns

During this phase, we work with you to eliminate harmful relationship patterns. We prioritize those patterns that have created the most pain in your relationship and also have been shown to be most destructive to marriages. 


Phase 3 - Strengthening Friendship

A strong friendship is the foundation for trust and commitment in relationships and allows you to weather the storms of life together. In this phase, we build upon the strengths of your friendship and help identify ways to make it even stronger. 

Phase 4 - Creating a Harmonious Home

Compromise, cultivating empathy, and learning emotionally intelligent ways to manage conflict is the key to creating a harmonious home.  In this phase, we work on building your capacity as a couple to solve problems and manage conflict using simple, but powerful tools. 

Phase 5 - Creating Shared Meaning

What are your shared values and how can you create a life that reflects these values? What life experiences and dreams do you want to realize together?  How can you work together to create a fulfilling and mutually supportive life together? We will help you find the answer to these most important questions. 

HCA Counseling Location, Services, and Fees

We work out of two offices located in downtown Brooklyn: 1) 26 Court Street, Brooklyn NY and 2) 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY. We also work with couples via video conference for those who do not live in the NYC area or prefer to receive services from home.


Our fee is $135 per session. Check with us regarding the insurance we accept. We are also happy to help you fill out paper work for out of network insurance claims including offering you superbills. 

Contact Us

To find out more call us at (347) 688-PENA or email us.

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