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A Special Invitation to Learn and Laugh with Us for Free as Part of a Live Audience

We want to offer you a special invitation for a live videotaping of our online course, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Before telling you the details about it, we want to share a little about the course and ourselves.

Have you ever felt hurt, angry, or demoralized after having a heated argument with a partner or spouse? Have you ever felt stressed out and exhausted and wish you had more support and quality time with your partner or spouse? Have you ever felt taken for granted and wish there was more mutual admiration and fondness in your relationship?

We wanted to avoid these common pitfalls in our relationship so we took a training called Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work at the beginning of our marriage. This is a curriculum developed by Dr. John Gottman. Did you know that he is the foremost relationship expert in our country? He has been studying what makes relationships succeed or fail now for over 40 years and with thousands of couples. He has been called the Einstein of love and is able to predict which couples will get divorced with 90% accuracy. He has also appeared on shows like Anderson Cooper and been featured on many media outlets. He has condensed the knowledge he has learned into the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Program.

After we took his program we felt well prepared for our journey together in our marriage. We were so happy with the results when it came to having a stronger friendship, avoiding unnecessary hurtful arguments, and creating an intentional marriage with the rituals, habits, and culture that we co-create for ourselves.

We want to share this sense of happiness, peace, and love with other couples. So we became Gottman Educators of the Seven Principles Program and offer trainings for couples. However we want to reach even more couples so we are going to create an online course.

We would love if you would join us as part of the audience of our live videotaping. It will be Saturday August 6 from 9:30am to 5:00pm. It will occur at the Culture Center - see address below. Come with your spouse, a friend, or by yourself. Learn about relationship and have some laughs with us. We would love to meet you. It is completely free. However, we have limited seats. You can register at the website below:

The Culture Center 410 Columbus Circle NY, NY 10024

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