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Enjoy NYC Without Going Broke! Review of Socrates Park

You ever feel like whenever you go out with your spouse or partner you spend too much money? Does the idea of spending that money create a barrier when it comes to spending quality time with your spouse or partner? What if there was a way to spend lots of quality of time together without spending lots of money.

In this post we decided to go beyond simply giving relationship advice to include how to create special moments and memories that will deepen your bond with your spouse or partner without having to spend a lot of money.

We visited Socrates Park in NYC. Located in Queens, it features sculptures by various artist including a piano with a bee hive in it!

We hope to to make this a regular feature of our show. We are considering calling it "Enjoy NYC without going broke!" We hope you enjoy it and it gives you ideas for how to spend quality fun time with those you care about the most without spending a dime. Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions of places you would like us to visit and review.

For more information on Socrates park:

Enjoy the video:

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