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Avoid Disloyalty in Your Marriage By Successfully Navigating These 3 Relationship Phases

You ever wonder why some relationships start off so strong and with so much passion only to end up with the couple feeling disappointed in each other or feeling like they can do better. Has this ever happened to you? Want to learn why and how to avoid this from occurring in your future?

In this post we discuss two related frameworks to help couples build trust and commitment in their relationship for the long haul. First, we discuss how the challenges and struggles that arise in relationships offer us an opportunity to grow as individuals. To become the hero in our story. However, for this to happen we must accept the call to action and overcome both the external and internal challenges that arise.

In the second framework, we review the 3 phases of relationships and how the skills and habits we have at our disposal determine if we end up in a relationship that has trust and commitment vs. mistrust and disloyalty.

Since this is a longer post (approximately 17 minutes) you may want to give yourself a brief break from other peoples demands to focus on it. You can watch it as a video or perhaps you prefer listening to it on Soundcloud?

More updates to come soon.

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